toolkit 2.5.0

Posted September 14, 2023 ‐ 1 min read

toolkit 2.5.0 release


  • it is possible to use env variable in project config files
  • it is possible to set the default column type
  • improve validation of table, kex naming
  • improve loading of project - it’s faster and use less resources in Airflow


  • sub-orchestration now uses end time for comparing with data age
  • remove the option to send email from BigQuery transformation
  • change behavior of using the filter in step


  • set datamart permission when datamart was kex was deleted and created again
  • docker transformation now has really just output tables in the output
  • sub orchestration now working correctly
  • make destination in step copy optional
  • fix the naming of AWS credentials during installation
  • fix using custom transformation user for BigQuery
  • fix demo project used in installation - now it uses proper SQL dialect
  • fix union in step