toolkit 1.1.16

Posted November 8, 2021 ‐ 1 min read

Toolkit version `1.1.16`.


  • It is possible to unload table bigger then 5GB from snowflake to worker - it’s separated to multiple files and gzipped and after upload to worker these chunks are merged in one files, so it’s faster and thrasfer less date (because of compression)
  • .git suffix is properly added to repo url when cloning a component from git repository
  • random Azure SQL password will always be compliant with Azure SQL Password Policies

New Features

  • Attempt to run remote command on worker machine will retry on Paramiko’s EOFError
  • All new releases will automatically generate a post for Bizzflow’s Wiki

Additional information

  • bizzflow will no longer attempt to install unzip in worker machine if it’s not present