Created: May 20, 2021, Updated: June 20, 2022

Writers are another way of getting your data out from Bizzflow. They are a component within your data pipeline that takes data from the output stage and writes them to some external system (such as a database or a CRM).

As opposed to Datamarts, the direction is reversed - with datamarts external systems connect to your warehouse. With writers, you actually send the data to an external system.

Writers Configuration

The configuration is very similar to Extractors. Each JSON or YAML file located in /writers/ directory is considered to be a configuration for some writer component.

You can find list of supported output systems here.

Same as with extractors, each writer configuration is limited by naming rules and must include type, specifying which component Bizzflow should use for writing data. Additionally, a writer should also receive input (same as Transformations) using input_tables and input_kexes keys.

Custom Writer Component Configuration

If you want to use your own instead of Bizzflow’s public components see Component configuration.

Example: A simple writer configuration

Let’s use a dummy writer component to pretend to be writing data from output kex out_main to outside of Bizzflow.


  "type": "wr-dummy",
  "input_kexes": ["out_main"],
  "config": {
    // dummy writer does not expect any configuration

Or the same configuration in YAML format:


type: wr-dummy
  - out_main

Upon running the component, all tables from kex out_main will be passed to the writer.