General Project Configuration

General project configuration is specified in project.json file in the repository’s root. You will find yourself editing this file in rare cases only.

project.json example

This is what a typical project.json file may look like (the actual values may differ based on your cloud provider):

  "project_id": "",
  "git_project_path": "",
  "git_toolkit_path": "",
  "git_toolkit_tag": "",
  "dataset_location": "",
  "compute_zone": "",
  "compute_region": "",
  "notification_email": [""],
  "debug": false,
  "live_bucket": "bizzflow-live",
  "archive_bucket": "bizzflow-archive",
  "worker_machine": [
      "id": "",
      "name": "vm-worker",
      "host": "",
      "user": "bizzflow",
      "components_path": "/home/bizzflow/components",
      "data_path": "/home/bizzflow/data",
      "config_path": "/home/bizzflow/config",
      "keep_running": false
  "user": "bizzflow",
  "query_timeout": 600,
  "hostname": "",
  "public_ip": "",
  "classes": {
    "storage_manager": "AzureSQLStorageManager",
    "sandbox_manager": "AzureSqlSandboxManager",
    "vault_manager": "AirflowVaultManager",
    "worker_manager": "AzureWorkerManager",
    "file_storage_manager": "ABSFileStorageManager",
    "datamart_manager": "AzureSQLDatamartManager",
    "credentials_manager": "AzureSQLCredentialManager",
    "transformation_executor": "AzureSQLTransformationExecutor",
    "step": "AzureSQLStep"
  "azure_blob_account_name": "bizzflowbizzflowbf58bkji",
  "resource_group": "bizzflow-bf58bkji",
  "storage": {
    "host": "",
    "database": "bizzflow",
    "port": 1433,
    "backend": "azuresql"

Configuration keys

Few of the keys you will probably want to edit at some point are in the table below.

notification_emaillist of stringslist of e-mails for notifications
worker_machine.keep_runningbooleanSpecify whether or not you want to keep the machine running after orchestration
query_timeoutintquery timeout for SQL queries