Data Sources

Created: May 21, 2021, Updated: June 25, 2023

Bizzflow can be used to connect to lots of various data source. Thanks to using Docker containers we also provide an easy interface for anyone who would like to extend Bizzflow and create a connector for a data source that is not supported yet.

List of officially available data sources

There are some data sources that we provide you with to get you started, however, it is not the full list of data sources that we have at our disposal. We also have a number of writers, too. Majority of these components is provided to our clients that own the licensed version of Bizzflow. If you would like to know more about licensed Bizzflow, inquire about a data source, or have us develop a custom component for you, please, reach out to us at

The list of of data sources, that we provide for free, is the following: