Manage Storage

Created: May 24, 2021, Updated: November 28, 2022

Storage management is a part of Flow UI. You can access it by clicking Storage in Flow UI’s main navigation.

Flow UI - Storage page
Storage page

Basic usage

In the Storage console, you can browse kexes and tables, preview, delete, truncate and copy tables and delete kexes.

Refresh storage

To minimize warehouse usage, we do not query the tables every time you try to access them in the Storage console, but instead cache the storage tree. If you want to see the most recent changes within the storage, you have to either refresh the whole storage tree using Refresh Storage button or refresh parts of the tree by either pushing the Refresh list of kexes or Refresh tables in <kex> buttons.

Kex actions

If you select a kex in the browser without selecting any of the tables, you may open Actions menu to delete the kex.

Table actions

Once a table is selected, you are presented with table details, such as its creation date, size and row count.

At the bottom of the page there is the table schema with column names and their data types.

By clicking Table preview button, you can preview a 100 random rows from the table.

Flow UI table preview
Flow UI Table preview

In the Actions menu you may copy the table, truncate it (delete all rows) or delete the table completely.

Flow UI table actions
Flow UI Table actions

Display raw_ kexes

To display kexes with staging data from extractors, uncheck Only show standard kexes.

  • To create new Kex, click the + create kex button.
  • To explore a Kex, click the + sign in front of the Kex name.
  • You can also explore individual table. Select the table by clicking on it. Then you can see the table Summary, Preview, or list of Columns under the corresponding tabs. You can also truncate or delete the table under Actions.