Flow UI

Created: November 19, 2022, Updated: November 28, 2022

Although Airflow is a mighty tool, it imposes some restrictions on us. That's why we created Flow UI.

What is Flow UI?

For easier life of a Bizzflow user, we developed Flow UI (beta). Flow UI is a web frontend that enables you to view and manage resources within your Bizzflow project. Resources users would be unable to find in Airflow, such as Data Warehouse Storage, Vault secrets and Sandboxes, have their own views within Flow UI.

Reaching Flow UI

You can either append /flow to your Airflow URL as you see it in the browser, or click Consoles -> Flow UI in Airflow to find yourself in the Flow UI.

Reaching Flow UI
Reaching Flow UI

Authentication & Authorization

Flow UI uses your login from Airflow. Any user with an active Airflow account will be able to reach Flow UI, manage storage, load themself a sandbox and display visible credentials within the vault (see in Credentials Management which credentials are visible).

Basic usage

Please see individual pages.